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EQUIPMENT: Components of violin and viola outfits are an instrument, case, bow, shoulder rest, and rosin. Components of cello outfits are an instrument, padded bag, bow, endpin stop, and rosin. All outfits and components thereof are warranted against manufacturing defects, and are provided in complete and working order. The entire outfit must be in complete and working order when returned to Homestead Strings (H-S) or exchanged.

PAYMENT: By submitting the onine form, providing credit card information to H-S, and taking possession of an instrument outfit, you (the client) agree that your credit card will be billed monthly or quarterly in the total payment amount indicated to you acccording to your instrument type.* Blling ends when the rental is terminated.** A three month (one quarter) minimum applies to all rentals. The total payment is the sum of the rental amount, administration, and 6% sales tax. Standard violins are billed quarterly. All other instruments are billed monthly. Rental payments are not refundable.

*A $25 fee applies each time your card is declined because of insufficient available funds or changes in card information. H-S may store your card information electronically for automated billing.

INSURANCE AND DEDUCTIBLES: During the rental, the outfit, and all components thereof, is insured by H-S against accidental damage, theft, loss, fire, and flood. Damage caused by excessive heat or cold from being left in a vehicle is not covered, and must be paid for in full, up to the outfit value, by the client. Claims of loss or theft must be accompanied by a valid police or school report in order to be covered. All lost, stolen, or damaged instruments/outfits/components will be replaced (in like kind and condition) or repaired at the sole discretion of H-S. Insured repairs and replacements of outfit components are subject to a $35 deductible. Covered total losses of the instrument or whole outfit are subject to a $100 deductible for standard violin and viola, $250 for step-up violin and viola, $350 for standard cellos, and $800 for step-up cellos. Any extant components or parts must be surrendered to H-S at time of claim. Normal wear and tear is covered with no deductible. Damage from engraving or multiple parallel scratches on any outfit component is not covered, and must be paid for in full, up to the outfit value, by the client. Broken strings, bridge falling, or bridge breaking are covered under the $35 deductible. Clients are encouraged to bring the outfit to H-S if the bridge is out of adjustment. There is no charge for a bridge adjustment. All coverage ends at termination of rental.

**TERMINATION OF RENTAL: This rental is terminated when the rented outfit is returned to H-S. The period of rental has no term limit.

RENT TOWARDS PURCHASE: All rental amounts (excluding administration and tax) paid are available as credit toward the purchase of a new outfit from H-S. The rented outfit always remains property of H-S. The total of the rental amounts paid may be applied to up to half the value of another instrument, case, and bow from H-S. Below is a breakdown of all price information.

REDEEMING CREDITS: To redeem credits, return the rental outfit to H-S at the time of purchase of a new outfit. The outfit purchased must be of the same instrument type (VN, VO, or CE) as previously rented. Any credits not redeemed in the transaction are forfeited. Redeeming H-S credits with another shop that offers to buy them is considered a breach of this contract.

OUTFITS OF NEW SIZE: You may exchange your rented outfit for one of larger size at any time during your rental. If client has purchased an outfit, any exchanges must be for another outfit of equal or greater value. When exchanging for an outfit of new size and equal value after purchasing, a $50 fee (plus any damages) applies; if exchanging an outfit for one of greater value, client must in addition pay the difference in value.