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Updated July 22, 2022


  • EQUIPMENT: Components of violin and viola outfits are an instrument, case, bow, shoulder rest, and rosin. Components of cello outfits are an instrument, carrying bag, bow, rosin, and rock stop. Fractional size equipment may be previously used. Full size equipment is provided in new or like new condition. All outfits and components thereof are warranted against manufacturing defects, and are provided in complete and working order. The entire outfit must be in complete and working order when returned to Homestead Strings (H-S) or exchanged.

  • PAYMENT: By signing this contract, you (the client) agree that your credit card will be billed monthly in the total payment amount indicated on your contract. The total payment is the sum of the lease amount, administration, protection package (if applicable), and 6% sales tax. No part of a payment is refundable.

  • If your card is declined, H-S will make attempts to charge the amount, and contact you within 3 calendar days. If the charge remains unpaid for 7 calendar days after the original invoice date, a $50 fee applies. H-S will store your card information electronically for automated billing. 

  • LEASE TOWARDS PURCHASE, AND ENDING THE LEASE: All lease amounts (excluding administration, protection, and tax) paid are applied on the outfit retail value to your future ownership of the outfit. The lease ends when 48 months of payments have been completed, and you then own the outfit. You may elect to pay off any balance remaining at any time, and then take ownership of the outfit. The lease also ends if you return the outfit prior to your ownership; in this case, amounts paid are considered rent, and there is no credit forward to another purchase or lease.


  • PROTECTION PACKAGE: By default, a protection package is included, which covers repairs and replacements, including strings, in full. NOTE: Repairs and replacements not done by Homestead Strings are not reimbursed. If the protection plan is added after the beginning of the lease, coverage will take 90 days to take effect.


  • DAMAGE COST ASSISTANCE WITHOUT PROTECTION PACKAGE: If you opt out of the protection package, all repairs and replacements needed for any reason are your responsibility. Services and replacements will be done at a 20% discount from normal shop rates. Your total out-of-pocket expense is limited to 40% of the outfit retail value per incident. See exceptions.

  • EXCEPTIONS, WITH OR WITHOUT PROTECTION PACKAGE: Damage caused intentionally, or from carelessness, including excessive heat or cold from being left in an unattended vehicle, or from engraving or multiple parallel scratches on any outfit component, is never covered or cost assisted, and must be paid for in full, up to the outfit value, by you. Claims of loss or theft made without a valid police or school report are never accepted, and the outfit must be paid for up to the retail value. In cases of excessive claims, it is to the sole discretion of H-S to assess an extra monthly/quarterly fee, or drop all coverage. H-S reserves the right to investigate claims to determine if they are eligible for coverage or assistance.

  • Any extant components or parts must be surrendered to H-S at time of claim. It is to the sole discretion of H-S to repair or replace components. Normal wear and tear is covered at no extra cost. You are encouraged to bring the outfit to H-S if the bridge is out of adjustment. There is no charge for a bridge adjustment. All coverage or assistance ends at termination of lease, unless otherwise specified in writing by H-S.

  • OUTFITS OF NEW SIZE: You may exchange your leased outfit for one of larger size for free at any time during your lease. Any exchanges will be for another outfit of equal or greater value. When exchanging for an outfit of new size and equal value after your ownership, a fee of 10% of the retail value of this outfit (plus any damages) applies. If exchanging an outfit for one of greater value, you must in addition pay the difference in value.




Basically ...


  • You get all the parts you need to play.

  • You pay with a credit card. No Refunds.

  • Cards expire or change. I know that. If something like that happens, you have time to get it straightened out. If you are really late to pay, it hurts my business, and I have to charge for that.

  • You can go 48 months, and own the instrument. You can pay out your contract early, and own the instrument. You can return the instrument, and you just paid for the time you had with it.

  • The regular price includes a package that covers maintenance and damage. If you really want to, you can opt out.

  • The insurance works, but remember that it is a privilege.

  • Without the package, you still have some protection.

  • You can't claim a loss without any proof, and expect coverage.

  • You can’t opt out of the protection package, damage the instrument, then buy the protection package, and expect it to be covered. It doesn’t work like that.

  • Don’t do stupid stuff with the instrument.

  • You can upsize or upgrade for little or no “extra” cost. Attempting to downgrade to a lower value instrument will not be a good deal for either of us.

  • Fraud and abuse are not tolerated.

Old Terms (August 4, 2020)

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