Homestead Strings | Boalsburg, PA

Update for the New Year:

2020 was a distressing and confusing year for many people, myself included. I hope that 2021 brings new stability for the country, our families, and all of us individually. After major trials and struggles in my own life this past year, things are improving. I thank my family and many friends for their support through these times.

As my life becomes more stable, I will resume work at the beginning of 2021. Here are some details for the future:

  • For the duration of the pandemic, appropriate precautions will be taken to minimize exposure.

  • The amount of work I take at one time will be limited, so wait times may be longer than in the past.

  • Turnaround times may be longer so I have time to do top quality work without a rush.

  • Loaner equipment will be provided whenever possible.

As usual:

  • Repair work I have completed in the past will be supported if problems arise.

  • I continue to fully support all current rentals.

  • If you have a true emergency, I can be flexible to help a fellow musician.

I remain optimistic for the new year and the future. I hope to be able to serve you this year!



Homestead Strings