Bow Rehairing

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Maintenance and repairs

In each maintenance and repair service, we are committed to strength, preserving the character of each instrument, and, whenever possible, choosing the least invasive method for repair.

Repair Services

Our repair services include open seam gluing, bridge replacement, soundpost replacement, peg replacement, tonal set-up, and more. 

Loaner Equipment

Loaner equipment may be provided while your instrument is in the shop.




Bow Rehairing


Bow Hair

All bows are rehaired with high quality horsehair. All hair is dressed to remove any defective strands to promote even tone and minimize hair breakage. Hair is installed using hardwood plugs that hold securely and tightly, optimizing the coupling between the hair and the stick so the player can better feel the interaction between the hair and the string.

Black and salt-and-pepper hair are also available.

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