The Homestead Strings 48 month lease plan is a fantastic way to get young (or young-at-heart) students started with a high quality instrument that will serve them well on their musical journey.


Instruments are individually adjusted to exacting standards for easy bow response, comfortable playing, and clear, warm sound. Each instrument is as unique as each new player.


A major consideration of instrument set up is the strings. The type of strings installed on an instrument greatly impacts tone and playability. Homestead Strings maintains many different string options, and strings are specially selected to bring out the best in each instrument.


Other major points of the set up procedure include:

  • Bridge cutting and adjustment

  • Sound post adjustment

  • Smoothing of the fingerboard and neck

  • Fitting of the pegs

  • Extensive play testing

All rental outfits are presented in new or like new condition, with no major damage or repairs in their past. All components of outfits are in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition.

These are the prices with no hidden fees:

Violins: $15.90 per month

Violas: $18.02 per month

Cellos: $46.64 per month

There's legal "official" stuff (our apologies for that) but here's the gist of the rental:

  • The instrument outfit is rented on a 48 month lease agreement, after which you own it! You can return the outfit any time after the 3 month minimum with no extra fees or payments.

  • All outfits are professionally adjusted and play tested. They are furnished with a case, bow, shoulder rest or pad (Rock Stop for cellos), and rosin.

  • When you grow out of one instrument size, bring it back and exchange it for the next size. This is free of charge during the rental period.

  • All prices include administration, tax, and a protection and maintenance package that covers everything from the bow, to severe accidental damage. Coverage even extends to broken strings.

  • Homestead Strings will deliver new rentals to schools within the State College Area School District at no extra charge.

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